Crowdfunding Campaign (english version)

(Italian version here)
Art Human Dream is an artistic project/event conceived and attended by William Vecchietti and Roberta Conti.
This year they are arrived at their 5th edition, called “SNatura” and will take palce in the picturesque Castle of Cassero of Camerata Picena at the beginning of Autumn.
During the last editions, William and Roberta presented their works in a cultural contest on the Day of contemporary AMACI, but on the 4th edition it has been decided to extend it to others artists, that gave birth of ILLUviSIONI on weekends of september and october 2013 and took place in the suggestive old school of Camerata Picena with exhibitions, live performance, videos and workshops, involving a big ad attentive public.
Even this year there will be several artists and performers invited to be part of the project “SNatura Art Human Dream”. The goal is always to bring into italian municipalities valuable artistic events and originate an annual appointment ,rendez-vous, an itinerant festival that produces a new way to link contemporary art to unusual areas and citizens inspiring culture and evolution, with historic residences, laboratories, performance, special art installation sites and interaction between artists.

Once again we will have the cooperation of the Municipality of Camerata Picena which this year has put at our disposal its most prestigious location: the Castle of Cassero in order to give to the project a bigger consideration.
The artists/performers up now who has subscribed to “SNatura” are:

Maurizio Giuseppucci, Aloha Oe, Niba, Nicola Alessandrini, Dem e Seth Morley, Solidea Ruggero e Massimo Festi, Giulio Vesprini, Monica Pennazzi, Davide Sabbatini, Rebecca Murgi, Federica Romagnoli, Francesco Zolletta, oltre a William Vecchietti e Roberta Conti.


Why “SNatura?

All comes from the word Nature and the definition of “snaturare” which in italian means distort, degenerate and denature.
Nature is all the beings living and lifeless considered as its complexed form, its totality in other words all the phenomenon and forces that appear.
Denature is what deeply alter or modify its own nature. It is also what deeply modifies its aspects, conditions and the function of natural areas but also those created by humans.
And in human being lives that uncontrolled passion, that exaggerated ambition, that eagerness for supremacy, that unrestrained egoism that denature them; fanatism may degenerate communities; distorting, loosing or changing deeply our own nature: in wars he humanity is degenerating itself.
Here is the central idea for this year precisely inspecting this twisting of human beings and nature even at the cost of loosing its proper nature.


Become supporter or sponsor of “SNatura”

During these last years Art Human Dream happened self financing without asking any contribution just with the cooperation of municipalities which had generously put at our disposal areasof event.
There will be exclusive videos, performance just madefor the event, live painting, laboratories, historic residences, original exhibitions for the territory of Ancona.
To achieve to a bigger event and to allow us to support out-fitting expenses, light and audio service, artist travel refunds, catalogs and posters, we definetively need the support of all of you, any kind, and for those who are generous special rewards. For this reason we have created a crowdfunding campaign on INDIEGOGO platform


For those who will help us with 30€ they will receive a T-shirt with the logo “SNatura”, the catalog and thanks on website and social network

For those who will help us with 50€ they will receive a silk screen printing numbered (1/20) of “SNatura”, the catalog and thanks on website and social network

For those who will help us with 100€ they will receive an artist’s proof numbered (1/10) signed by the artist, the catalog and thanks on website and social network





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